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for the Purposeful

Make your brand, book, or business stand out from the crowd and be mythic.
The professionals at
 Red Raven Studio are dedicated to quality works that elevate and educate, empower and delight, and impact the cultural conversation.
Red Raven Studio is a full-service book foundry, from concept to construction, from proposal to production. We know that a book is a profound and impactful way to connect with your constituencies, to broaden the legacy of your work or mission, and to extend your reach to 
new audiences.

Red Raven What We Do

You have a vision. We have a plan.
Red Raven Studio is committed to personalized planning, from manuscript to mentoring to marketing. We identify and articulate long-view goals.
The Red Raven team takes a holistic, strategic, and intuitive approach to your message. We spend time getting to know your mission, vision and platforms and plot a custom course for your success.
And guide clients to their highest potential.
Red Raven Studio is singularly devoted to making its authors, brands, and books stand out from the crowd and be mythic.
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  • Brand articulation
  • Editorial vision
  • Proposal structuring
  • Manuscript development
  • Subscription-based content programming
  • Multi-project strategy
  • Archetypal branding
  • Strategic marketing campaigns
  • Targeted publicity
  • Event and conference planning

Be more than an author. Be an authority.
We partner with people, businesses, and institutions who want to make a difference.
Is your enterprise service-driven?
Can you see yourself having a positive social and intellectual impact on the world?
Are you interested in cause publishing?
Do you wish to extend your personal brand with literary activism?
Is your mission to improve the lives of others?
Does your vision include sharing meaningful insights to a global audience?
Do you have an important story to tell?
Are you a social entrepreneur or a thought leader in your field?
If any of these terms resonate with you, we should talk.
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Claudia Riemer Boutote is coach, mentor, career advisor, manager, and guide.
A publishing and communications professional with expertise in building brands that capture the media attention and consumer imagination, she founded Red Raven Studio as a platform to serve mission-minded authors and brands.
Able to visualize the possible and achieve big-picture results, Claudia Boutote has worked with a variety of leaders, luminaries, and iconic global brands with a common purpose: to have a positive impact on the world and to improve 
people’s lives.
She has collaborated with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, Sierra Club, Make-A-Wish Foundation, March of Dimes, The History Network, and Prometheus Entertainment.

Prior to launching Red Raven Studio, Claudia was SVP, Publisher, at HarperCollins, where her innovative strategies and tactics propelled more than 120 books onto the New York Times Bestsellers list.
While at HarperCollins, she rebranded and revitalized the 40-year-old West Coast group, expanded the division into the wellness business, and launched HarperElixir, an imprint for the conscious-living category.
Claudia Boutote worked with a diverse roster of authors, experts, and companies while in senior editorial and marketing posts at major publishing companies, including Workman Publishing, McGraw-Hill, Scribner, Dell, and St. Martin’s Press, Seventeen, and Good Housekeeping. She was the recipient of corporate achievement awards for “Innovation” and for “Editorial Excellence.”


Behind every bestseller is a team of dedicated professionals with the experience and expertise to support your mission, and your work.
  • experienced book publishing professionals
  • experts in wellness, spirituality, healthy 
 living, inspiration, innovation, culture,
 and ethics
  • agile marketing and publicity experts
  • national magazine executives
  • award-winning TV producers
  • brand and merchandising specialists
  • top-notch ghostwriters
  • content strategists and social media pros

“Claudia Boutote knows how to work with writers, scholars and experts to achieve high visibility for their works in the general marketplace. Her strategies, marketing and media expertise helped to showcase my books to a new audience with appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and other special events. She cares deeply, works tirelessly to achieve success.”
—Bart D. Ehrman, New York Times bestselling author of Misquoting Jesus
“Claudia is one of my favorite people anywhere, let alone in the world of publishing. She’s that rare person who is wise and intelligent and experienced but also filled with the wonder and awe that comes from doing work you love. She’s been in publishing for years and yet she approaches each book as the unique work that it is. If you have big ideas about your book and what you want to do in the world, Claudia is exactly who you want to be working with.”
—Rob Bell, New York Times bestselling author of Love Wins
“Claudia understood what needed to stay in the manuscript, what needed to be enhanced and what needed to go. I trusted her judgment completely. She encouraged me to think big, not to hide behind shadows, to believe in myself and in my ability as a writer. Her support and encouragement was invaluable to me and I have no doubt it will always be there.”
—Jenny Boyd, author of Jennifer Juniper
“Claudia Boutote guided me through every step of the way until my book was ready for publishing, then she was heavily involved in the marketing.  My book shot to the New York Times bestseller list and is now translated to more than 20 languages. It also allowed me to create a strong brand that sells supplements and programs, very successfully. Claudia was integral in making this all happen. She has an eye for talent and the know-how of how to make that talent shine and translate to success.”
—Alejandro Junger, M.D., New York Times bestselling author of Clean

We believe in the power—and the magic—of words.
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your
one wild and precious life?”
— Mary Oliver
“Dream. Believe. Dare. Do.”
— Walt Disney
“When you want something, all the universe
conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
—Paulo Coelho
“I dwell in Possibility.”
— Emily Dickinson
Photo © Julie Blattberg

A message from Claudia Boutote:
When I decided to launch a studio to assist authors, experts, brands, and institutions to take conscious action and reach their highest potential, I chose to invoke the essence of the raven, spirit birds of alchemy and transformation.
Ravens have been called upon by healers, shamans, and guides since ancient times. Highly intelligent, they symbolize birth and renewal. They are shapeshifters—masters of time and other dimensions that focus your intention and facilitate acts of creation. They are thought to bring messages from the divine.
If you are a red raven, you are in the
 right place.
Red ravens are the stuff of legends and magic, and that is how we see our clients: those who inspire, guide, and shine the light forward to something greater.
Red ravens stand out from the crowd; they are mythic.
The vision is yours. Let us guide your journey to publishing success.
Schedule a free 30-minute consultation call so we can learn more about you and
 your goals.